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Aggregate Athenaeum as insinuated by the name is infact a order that aspires to have a library of all the books and information known in existence, however the order is not your typical library. Aggregate Athenaeum is a clandestine order devoted to gather these books and articles by any means. Being a covert organization the members are primarily tacticians, scholars, scribes, and other more subtle types of individuals, but more strait forward and physical types are needed both as a vanguard and core defences. To the eyes of the common people they are but mere librarians and scholarly citizens. The order is a neutral group, but has no problems playing a side to gain a rare book or tome. Members and non-members alike should feel free to take advantage of the features offered by the website.

Other Guild News

Aggregate Athenaeum Has a New Address!

System, Jan 19, 10 7:48 AM.
Aggregate Athenaeum has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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Aggregate Athenaeum Established.

LittleAnsley, Jan 19, 10 7:34 AM.
Aggregate Athenaeum, once the fantasy of a young book loving mage has now been formed. Anabella, the Curator of this new library network has given birth to a new order dedicated to furthering the goals of our allegiance's libraries. Her expert staff of Librarians, Scribes, and Archivists can now be found in their headquarters in Nethergarde keep as well as the many Libraries found around Azeroth. Anywhere the open book adorned blue and gold tabards can be found there is sure to be a wealth of books and tomes.

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